Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5 - 21 Yellow Sack of 5 kg.
Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5 - 21 Yellow Sack of 5 kg.
Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5 - 21 Yellow Sack of 5 kg.
Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5 - 21 Yellow Sack of 5 kg.
Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5 - 21 Yellow Sack of 5 kg.
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Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5 - 21 Yellow

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Product Details:
Sack of 5 kg
High performance mortar
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It is recommended to order between 10 and 15% more material than needed  ?

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Certified mineral-based, eco-compatible, bacteriostatic and fungistatic natural installation joint stabilized with pure natural lime NHL 5 for joints with high color fastness from 0 to 5 mm, suitable for GreenBuilding. Single component with very low emissions of volatile organic compounds, contains recycled raw materials. Recyclable as an aggregate after its useful life.

Fugabella® Eco Porcelana 0-5 achieves an extra-fine microgranular finish with anti-incision surface hardness, enhances light reflection effects and guarantees maximum affinity with the design of ceramic tiles, vitreous mosaics and natural stones.

For 2 mm joints, which is the thickness we recommend as a general rule, 1 SACK of 5 kg allows the installation of:

- 10 m2 in small elongated formats type 7,5x30cm

- 15 m2 in formats up to 20x20cm

- 25 m2 in 20x120cm formats

- 45 m2 in 60x60cm formats

- 60 m2 in 60x120cm formats

- 75 m2 in 100x100cm formats

Although these quantities vary according to the thickness of the piece, so it is recommended to see in more detail the amount needed, in the manufacturer's quantity calculator: Kerakoll

100 Items

Valid for: Interior and exterior

Installation: Floor and wall

Piece measures: Sack of 5 kg

Usage: All types of ceramic tiles, Marbles, Mosaics, Stones

Allowable joint width: Between 1 and 5 mm

Mixing ratio: 0.3 liters of water per KG of powder

Conservation: 12 months in a dry place in original packaging

Application temperature limit: From +5º to +35º

Transitability: It is recommended to wait 3 days for traffic on the grouted surface

Mixing time: ≥90 min

Consumption: See the table in the attached PDF or consult the manufacturer's website in the product description.

Cleaning: Clean the surface when the joint has thickened, with a coarse sponge and clean water. Work in a rotating and diagonal direction to avoid removing material. Remove the remains with water before the material hardens.

Type of product: Cementitious joint

Frost resistant: No

For more detailed information on how to properly maintain your products, please refer to our installation and maintenance recommendations section.


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