Morocco Blue
Morocco Blue
Morocco Blue
Morocco Blue
Morocco Blue
Morocco Blue
Morocco Blue
Morocco Blue
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Morocco Blue

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10x10 cm
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Zellige imitation tile in a soothing blue colour, in a gloss finish, a 10x10 centimetres size and non-rectified. It features a smooth texture that contributes to creating a welcoming and subtle ambience. The soft hand-embossing adds depth and dimension to the product, enhancing its aesthetic appearance and bringing a touch of elegance to the surface. The high chromatic variation brings a natural and authentic look creating a unique and distinctive appearance to the environment. The tile can be installed both indoors and outdoors, even in swimming pool interiors. This is due to its technical features, which ensure resistance and durability while providing an aesthetic continuity between different spaces.

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Finishing: Brightness

Grinding: No

Texture: Smooth

Relief: Smooth manual embossing

Valid for: Interior and exterior

Installation: Floor and wall

Format: Square

Piece measures: 10x10 cm

Thickness: 8 mm

Box weight: 8,8

Chromatic / graphic variation: V4 - Very varied

Sample text: .

Size: Small (up to 30 cm)

Type of stay: Bathroom, Interior, Kitchen, Salon, Swimming pool

Category according to manufacture: BIa - PORCELAIN TILE (pressed)

Anti-slip coefficient: R9 - Minimum adhesion

Price range (per m2): 20€ ------ 30€

Color: Blue

Type of product: Ceramic tiles

Valid for swimming pools: Yes

Appearance: Zellige

Country of manufacture: Spain

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